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Trainee Experiences (Or Trainee Xp if you are a hardcore AIESECer)

Good idea to go through these to read about specific trainee experiences at CueBlocks. Contact details of prior interns are available on request, if you have any questions for them.

My foundation Block – Cueblocks

I met ASP, founders of Cueblocks Technologies in AIESEC CHANDIGARH's Alumni Session for the very first time. That was the first time I got to know about the company and its work culture. Somewhere in my mind, I had decided there and then that Cueblocks is the place for my internship – under the expert guidance and a great working team.

After a long follow up and interview I was given a chance to be a part of a very hard working team- CUETEAM. Since the first day, blocks of my learning kept on shaping and building to their best in terms of team culture, technologies, new lessons, developments, work culture, etc. Cueblocks provided me with a healthy learning environment to build me up as a good human being and taught me healthy professionalism, The Cue Values which I inculcated from the CUETEAM changed my vision towards life.

I am grateful to my mentors for giving me fruitful learning and the entire team for teaching me big and small aspects of work and life. Values of Cueblocks and Cubies influenced my life professionally as well as personally. I am thankful for the love and affection I've received from everyone in Cueblocks and would always remember the lessons that I've learnt here professionally and personally as well. Such experiences of life help you grow as a person and are a great building block of life. The amazing time I spent in Cueblocks flew like few weeks. I realized your boss can be your friend, mentor, and fun to be with. I learnt to set priorities between work and play and most importantly learning comes from both work and play hours in office and both are very essential.

A heartfelt thanks to all
I remember my favorite poem by Robert Frost- Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening and I realized that Cueblocks added an inspiring milestone in my journey that today I feel confident about myself that I can stand strongly and say "yes I am prepared".

I am glad to be a part of the family.

I wish cueblocks greater heights of success and achievements and my head bow in respect for the Cue Vision and Values.

I miss Cueblocks and cherish time spent with the team. :)

P.S.- I miss playing Ricochet Robots :( . . . . . :)

Life at Cue Blocks – A Foreigner's Story

I began working for Cue Blocks as part of an internship in October, as a copywriter. I went though the student organization AIESEC, who offer resources to help students find internship opportunities around the world, and after several months of searching, I found the role with Cue Blocks, in India.

Since October, I have learned about Internet marketing, web design, and most importantly; good copywriting! Cue Blocks is a great company, and not just by Indian standards. The level of commitment and professionalism is excellent, and there is a true team bond, something that is harder to find with a big company.

The office is clean, tidy, and even has a dart board, PlayStation, DVD player, Nintendo Wii, and even an exercise ball for relaxing. There is a friendly atmosphere, and everyday for lunch the whole company eats a vegetarian meal together, specially made by the Cue Blocks chef!

The management team, Pancham, Sarthak and Avneet are friendly, understanding, and are happy to take care of any issues, driving the company forward with vision and passion. Together they have created a memorable working environment, which I am sad to leave.

In the short space I have been with Cue Blocks, I have learnt a great deal from the company, and will not forget my Cue Blocks family! If you are considering an internship, career change or break, or simply want to travel while working, then Cue Blocks could be a perfect idea!

If you are a student, then AIESEC ( is something you should know about, and Cue Blocks are always looking for new and talented people to join the team, so if you aren't a student but interested, then check out

Not only did I get to live and travel in India, but I got to work for a growing company, taking on real responsibility.

I'd like to thank the Cue Blocks team for making my time here so good, and wish the company good luck for the future!

- Jonny, from England

My Cue Blocks Experience – Kate

AIESEC appeared as the first line when googled "international internship". It was the first time I heard about this organization. As I found out later, it's huge. But I didn't expect, that I can find anything for my specialization (graphic design). And I applied for each position, which had something to do with art and design (teaching disabled children, illustration, newspaper design, packaging…and, of course, web design). Surprisingly I had some options to choose from. Cue Blocks was one of them, and I made my choice, right choice (we never know, but I believe, that it was the right choice:)).

I was so unsure about everything, so unconfident and nervous about going India and, most of all, starting to work (it was my first experience of working as a designer). My duties seemed so vague to me, I knew nothing about web design.

Almost 3 months have gone since then. As Pancham said on my first day, 3 months felt like 3 weeks. And he was so right! I always think, that everything is just starting, but it's not. It started with birth and it will slip away, if I don't seize the moment.. It's one of the things, that I became more assured about this summer.

What astonished me about Cue Blocks team was professionalism. I heard interns from other companies complaining about "Indian stretchable time", but in Cue Blocks tomorrow means tomorrow:) Everyone was extremely friendly. I really appreciate, that people wanted us (me and Melih) to feel comfortable and spoke English, when we were around (especially for the first month:))

I'm very grateful to Pancham, Avneet and Sarthak for giving me this chance, for guiding me through, for creating such a nice atmosphere. I've never seen people, who distinguish "being friendly" and "being professional" so clearly (I mean it's not a surprise, because I've never worked in an office before. But I'm glad, that my first bosses showed me this attitude).

As always, passing a milestone, I think, that I could have done more, learned more. But now, looking back, I feel enriched. The blocks of information and experience are filling up the gaps in my head. One by one they are falling down. Cue Blocks made me more magnetic for particular sort of these blocks. I'm hungry for new knowledge, charged for this school year. Now I see better than ever, that school can't give me as much I as need. This internship clarified my further path.

Elisha, my TN manager promised "life changing experience", and Cue Blocks kept the promise.

- Kate, from Russia

My CueBlocks Experience – Prateek (Designer - Intern)

I did my first internship at Cue Blocks. I was scared on the very first day and had a fear of being a stranger in the company but it lasted only for a day!!

I was so unsure about everything, so unconfident and nervous about going India and, most of all, starting to work (it was my first experience of working as a designer). My duties seemed so vague to me, I knew nothing about web design.

The friendly environment and highly conducive culture in the organization helped me feel at home and get comfortable with people and work as well. The way Cue Block functions, is quite different from others. They eat together, play together and yes work together!! I think such things make it more special for everyone and that's how in just 3 months I gathered memories of a lifetime.

I always miss everyone; Sarthak, Pancham, Avneet and almost everyone who came close to me during my internship. I feel lucky to be a part of this small family. It's just a part; I can just keep on writing about my experience that I acquired in a short span of time. Every day was a learning day for me and added a lot to my experience. It was a wonderful beginning for me getting into professional life. Sarthak and Ashok my mentors helped and guided me in developing my skills so as to enable me to learn fast and perform to expected level.

My CueBlocks Experience – Norliana

Working in Cue Blocks was one of my favourite part during my stay in India.

I look forward to work everyday, yes everyday!

Just for the fact that the people at Cue Blocks are amazing.

The Bosses, Sarthak, Avneet and Pancham were always there to guide and provide support and encouragements. All of my colleagues, especially Ketaky, Aseem, Shakun, and Bistriti who were not just great at what they do but also have been an awesome friend to me and always will be!

Not forgetting the freshly cooked lunch by Bhaiyya, I was extremely lucky to have tasted the best of Northern Indian food every single day at work :)

Cue Blocks allows me to grow as a better individual professionally and personally.

Even for the very short stay I've learned a lot about working in a team and doing my best at everything I do.

The fun learning environment in Cue Blocks make it easier for me to give my best at work everyday.

We work hard and we play hard. That's how we do it in Cue Blocks!

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