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Reasons to work at CueBlocks

What should a work place where you spend 8-9 hours of the day be like?

Fun with amazing people who don't whine or make you feel like a guinea pig on a wheel. Well that's a lot to ask for isn't it? I mean it's not a countryside cafe you want to work at right? The ambition, the machines and the excitement still has to help the air of confidence you breathe and make you realize you're climbing up the ladder of success. Heard about CueBlocks?

So here it is your countryside cafe dream customized into a creative digital agency with wheels totally banned in the work area :)

But what shall make you jump off the one you're on right now?

Here is a short Laundry list of reasons why you should work at CueBlocks.

  • Brilliant co-workers who don't turn into evil warheads and are usually friendlier than your regular friendly customers at the countryside cafe.
  • A designer office with breathers in the form of pool table, table tennis, PS3 and a funky library where Dilbert sits shoulder to shoulder with Freakonomics.
  • The machines are meaner, equipped with genuine software that come in handy when delivering quality work for the super clientele.
  • To take a break, we head off to the nearest or to the not so near retreats and unwind to restore the sucked out creative energy. And are always up for exploring a new surprise for the palate. CueBlocks has some serious foodies.
  • Talking about food, the in-house chef does more good than anyone, keeping the hungry souls at rest with mouthwatering food day after day. No wonder people at CueBlocks are not fond of weighing scales :)

If you're already thinking what skills you have to suit CueBlocks, remember an educational degree won't help if the attitude is not right and the passion is lacking.

Take the creative turn to CueBlocks if you want to learn, grow and be happier.

...Because life is NOT a rat race!

If it's online, we go the distance with you!
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