A session on living a wholesome life!


In continuation of the series on ‘Nutrition, Health, and Thriving’, Pancham (Director, CueBlocks) spent another evening educating and talking about the importance of whole foods, most abused / overly prescribed supplements (which do more harm than good), Vitamin B12 deficiency and some superfoods to include in daily diet. 
An enlightening session, it was a delight to explore how one can regulate one’s health and the scope of well being in the most natural ways possible. Diet is a major contributing factor and a change in the same can not only help stay physically active, but also elevate our mental health and happiness in general life. In addition to that, it also leads to the reduction of our carbon footprints, giving the future generations a healthier, safer environment, an essential in the times we are living in.
Fostering an environment of positive energy has been an inherent part of our culture. Sessions like this help us understand how as individuals we can contribute to the same and bring a positive spin to our work-life balance.

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