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Kanchi Kaushik

About Kanchi Kaushik

I come from a legal background but chose to pursue copywriting as I am passionate about the impact of words in marketing. I love helping brands in communicating effectively with their audiences. In my free time, I like to travel, socialize and catch-up on television series.

Monday Blues? Not at CueBlocks!

We don’t know the meaning of Monday Blues! Kicking off another great week at work with our Director, Mr. Pancham Prashar. High energy and positivity because Monday belongs to go-getters.

Meet Ritika Parasher – Our Finance Executive

A smiling face that enlivens the office! Meet Ritika Parasher, our Finance Executive who keeps all her tools within reach - calculator, phone, sticky notes and of course some water

Automatic Invoice for Free Orders – Magento Exten...

A well-written and detailed invoice highlights the professionalism and precision of your Ecommerce store. This holds true even when you are providing certain products or services free of cost. However,