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Birthday Mania Continues!

Taking the celebrations well into our Friday, here's Carlos and Chatur with their Birthday treat! Pet Kitchen, a lovely local pet food store, was kind enough to send over this

The Dream Team!

A glimpse into our Dev Team a.ka. the Dream Team, here is - Riti (Division Head - eCommerce), Piyush (Front End Developer), Ankit (Quality Analyst), Anil (UI Developer). A delightful bunch,

Wishing our favourite Cuebies, Carlos and Chatur, a ver...

We can't keep calm, it's Carlos' and Chatur's birthday!!! Our doggos turn 7 today! The heartbeat of CueBlocks, both Chatur and Carlos, enliven the office with their adorable antics throughout

Table Tennis League – 2018 at CueBlocks!

We're so elated to announce the Table Tennis League'18 that started yesterday at CueBlocks! Two rounds down, everyone has taken on the competitive spirit head on. From early practice matches

Meet Vivek, our Paid Search Specialist!

Taken over by the Table Tennis fever, here's Vivek (paid search specialist). Fondly referred to as Vicky by most CueBies, he's a tranquil personality to be around. When not working,

Monday Motivation on point with our SEO and PPC team! 

Starting off the week with their work mode on are the SEO and PPC team members - Aseem, Sahil, Rajiv, and Deepanshu. Parting from the weekend is never an easy

FlashBackFriday with the Halloween Goofs!

With the Friday vibe setting in, here's a flashback to this crazy bunch from last Halloween. Brimming with energy always, this particular crew of Cuebies are masters in the ancient arts

Meet the heartbeat of CueBlocks – Chatur and Carl...

Undefeated champs in the realm of cuteness, here are Chatur and Carlos, the heartbeat of CueBlocks. These two are the most diligent, hardworking CueBies! When not working, they'll sometimes slide under

Movie Date With CueBlocks!

In a surprise move, management decided to treat all CueBies to a movie date last Friday! The team went to an evening show of 'Hichaki'. An enjoyable experience, the film

Let Chatur guide you through the midweek blues!

Here is Chatur, our lazy precious office pet, doing what he does best - chilling! Chatur likes to snooze around on desks, bean bags and absolutely anywhere his majesty deems fit.