Google Discusses Ranking System

Amit Singhal recently shared (or did he?) on Google’s Official Blog how Google’s ranking system works.

New information in the article:

1. The 3 philosophies behind Google ranking:

1) Best locally relevant results served globally. (according to Amit, it’s their “no query left behind” principle)
2) Keep it simple.
3) No manual intervention.

2. …

Reminder in the post:

From Google’s Official Blog:

The second reason we have a principle against manually adjusting our results is that often a broken query is just a symptom of a potential improvement to be made to our ranking algorithm. Improving the underlying algorithm not only improves that one query, it improves an entire class of queries, and often for all languages. I should add, however, that there are clear written policies for websites recommended by Google, and we do take action on sites that are in violation of our policies or for a small number of other reasons (e.g. legal requirements, child porn, viruses/malware, etc).

Looking forward to the “followup post!”

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