Latest Google Mini – Enterprise search solution

Google launched the latest Google Mini – a corporate search product designed to help small and medium-sized businesses make the most of their digital assets.

As per Google:
The Mini is a hardware and software search appliance that delivers the power and productivity of Google search across your organization’s documents and websites. The Google Mini:
– Now indexes and searches up to 100,000 documents.
– Works with over 220 different file formats, including HTML, PDF and Microsoft Office.
– Can be set up in under an hour and requires minimal ongoing administration.
– Costs just £1,995 for all hardware and software, including a year of support and hardware replacement coverage.

Google wanting to go deeper into the Search pattern of company wide activity. Imagine the reach of Google with companies running browsers with Google Toolbar, Google Desktop search to dig for information on computers and Google Mini corporate wide search on the website and Intranet!!

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