My First Day in Cueblocks!!

Hi, Its Ritu here!!!

11 Dec 2006 – The day when i joined Cueblocks.The day when i felt that i am putting my steps on a platform that will definitely lead me to faster success in my professional life.Because i knew that in my tenure at Cue block i am gonna learn a lot of technologies that will flourish my career. The very first day when i joined Cueblocks i was happy to work in such a cool working atmosphere and under such a co-operative staff.

I am a person who wants to learn more and more things in my life. Not even in my professional life but in personal life also. Learning is a never ending process. Now after completing almost 3 months in Cueblocks i feel that i have really learnt lots of things but still there are miles to go if i wanna be perfect in my work.

I am enjoying being around with such a positive, high energy group of people in Cueblocks. Thanks a ton to the senior management for providing me such a wonderful atmosphere to work in.

About Me:- Am a person with good sense of humor.:)

I love- My Mother and Sleeping

I like- Movies & Music.

My hobbies-Playing bedminton & chess.

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