Exercise Physiology Session @ CueBlocks

We all know that working in the office involves long hours of sitting (usually in front of a computer) and very low levels of activity. It’s time to change this sedentary lifestyle and adopt a couple of exercises to make a difference in the future!

Keeping this in mind, at CueBlocks, we all gathered in the entertainment area to get insights into various body mechanisms and calculate different metrics including Body Mass Index (BMI), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), Body Fat Percentage, Fat Burning Rate and much more.

Mr. Suneet Joshi and Dr. Aman Jain from Amshi, Chandigarh, were kind enough to spare time with our team and share first-hand knowledge about exercise physiology and its significance in real life. Here are some of the pictures from the session.

Exercise Physiology Session

Exercise Physiology Session

Exercise Physiology Session

Exercise Physiology SessionWe hope everyone finds their way to get fit by mingling work and exercise. Now, what are you waiting for? Set up your schedule and follow it efficiently!





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