Forbes Features CueBlocks' Holy Grail of e-Commerce Conversion Optimization

Holy Grail eCommerce Conversion Optimization Checklist

We are elated to announce that CueBlocks’ e-Commerce guide titled ‘The Holy Grail of e-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization – a 91-Point Checklist & Infographic’ has been mentioned on Forbes.

The Holy Grail of e-Commerce Conversion Optimization is an exhaustive e-Commerce guide which highlights several important points which any growing or established e-Commerce store must look at in order to continually improve their conversion rate. It covers 91 detailed points and includes important sections like optimization of e-Commerce home page, navigation, product search, product page, checkout, e-Commerce touch point optimization, information touch points, load speed, shipping & returns, customer re-targeting amongst others.

We are excited to receive such a promising response. The Holy Grail of e-Commerce Conversion Optimization – 91 Point Checklist and Infographic has also been featured on SEOMoz and GetElastic.

Increase your store’s conversion rate and learn more about why e-Commerce conversion optimization is important for your store. Free Download of the PDF version of the guide can be received by signing up at:

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