How many sites are there on the Internet? “100 million” says Netcraft

A recent survey by NetCraft brought to light an important milestone for the growth of the Internet and answers a question that almost everyone asks at some point in time “How many websites are there on the Internet?” – The NetCraft survey shows that there are 100 million websites on the Internet now (the number increasing rapidly as you read this). The surge has been astounding in the last few years. For eg. In May 2004 the survey showed 50 Million websites and within 2 years, this figure has doubled. A huge portion of these new sites are blogs which have mushroomed over the past few years.

– Number of websites added in 2005 = 17 million
– Number of websites added till October 2006 = 27.4 million!

Other various milestones for the Internet growth are:

April 1997 – 1 million sites),
February 2000 – 10 million sites),
September 2000 – 20 million sites
July 2001 – 30 million sites
April 2003 – 40 million sites
May 2004 – 50 million sites
March 2005 – 60 million sites
August 2005 – 70 million sites
April 2006 – 80 million sites
August 2006 – 90 million sites
October 2006 – 100 million websites!
Please note: These stats are for the number of websites and not the number of “webpages”. Some stats on the number of webpages indicate around 17 Billion webpages on Internet as on 1st November 2006!

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