Link worth calculator by Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads have developed a neat AJAX powered tool which answers the oft asked question – “What is a link from my website worth?” As per them, the calculator factors in the following:

  • Traffic of your website – the lower the Alexa ranking, the higher the price.
  • Link popularity of your website – the more links (and more quality links), the higher the price.
  • Theme of your website – there is more demand for some themes than others.
  • Number of links to be sold – the fewer the number of links on a page, the higher the price.
  • Sitewide or single page placement – “sitewide” vs. on a single page of your website (slightly more value given to links that appear sitewide).
  • Location on the page – more value when the links are placed in an area where they have the best chance of being clicked.

Check out this tool at Text-Link-Ads. Read more about the tool at their Blog as well.
Another great innovation by Patrick Gavin’s team!

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