Starting Life in CueBlocks!

April 3rd 2006 – My first day in CueBlocks; I was a little nervous, a little scared and a little tense about my first day. I was also trying hard to control my laughter because once I start laughing, it’s very difficult to stop me.

Hi! This is Sheetal. 🙂

I knew that to move ahead in my life, I need the right break and the right place – and here I am at CueBlocks today – the right platform for me, where I can be myself and learn new things while having fun! I feel I entered a completely new orbit in life. Everyday I get up and am so excited to come to work. Now after two months, I’ve completely settled down, all thanks to the Cueblocks team!

About me
: I love laughing 🙂

I also enjoy playing chess, badminton and (thanks to CueBlocks) one more game has been added to my hobbies; guess wat? – CARROM!

Though I’m still learning, I’m sure I’ll reach Sarthak’s score soon. 🙂

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2 Responses to Starting Life in CueBlocks!

  1. Rahul Kumar says:

    Hi Sheetal,

    All the best with your Cueblocks experience. Its gonna be amazing with caring and competitive people around alwayz!

    Yeah carrom is one helluva fun in the office 🙂 And belive me … the best way of getting your hands on the game would be just to follow your instincts like i used to -;)

  2. Navjot says:

    Hey Sheetal !!
    u’re gonna have an amazing time here at cueblocks
    take my word for it 😀