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GeoChirp version 1.1 is out!

Thank you for waiting patiently while we updated, the Twitter and Google maps mashup tool so that it can continue to let you search for geo-located tweets of your interest. version 1.1 uses Google Map v3 and Twitter REST API v1.1. Given the requirements of Twitter API, you will be able to see the resulting tweets once you authenticate the application and are logged into your Twitter account. We've tried to keep all the features intact while giving it a slight facelift to meet the API requirements and make it a tad cleaner :) We are also excited about the upcoming updates to the GeoChirp iPhone app! Launching soon, the newer version of Twitter-Google maps mashup iPhone app will give you the geo-located tweets in your palm! So we request you to hold off on the downloads for a bit. ;) We hope you continue to use GeoChirp and please feel free to contact us with your feedback. We truly appreciate it! GeoChirp Team
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Does your Apple Machine have the iOS 6.1 Software Updat...

iOS 6.1 Software Update iOS 6.1 Software Update The iOS 6.1 software update is out and you can now upgrade your Apple Machine with a few novelties introduced. The relatively minor update allows users to purchase movie tickets with Siri using Fandango in the United States. It also announces LTE support for more carriers allowing users to browse the web at blazing fast speed, that includes all sorts of downloads and content streaming. Apple also has a page where you can find out if your iPhone works with the LTE networks in your country. Along with this, the iOS 6.1 software update allows iTunes Match subscribers to download songs individually from iCloud. The update also has a new button, very useful, to reset the Advertising Identifier. The software update is implementable on iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Apple TV users. Apple is one powerhouse that never lets its users re-think their buying decisions and keeps offering them updates on latest technology as per their machine requirement. So, if there is anything at all that you think is not up-to-date on your Apple Machine, you don't have to wait long. Because Apple will roll out an update soon that answers your questions! With such
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Facebook Graph Search – To Google or Not to Googl...

Facebook Graph Search Facebook Graph Search When Mark Zuckerberg announced the latest product which is not a web search but a different, 'Graph Search', the industry and the insiders went all out to talk about its necessity, functionality and potential. How it fares in the face of Google's indelible popularity and preference is something we need to wait for. Anyhow, Graph Search is a search function which is different. In a way that it offers not definitions but just simple plain information, pictures, locations or so to say. It is different from web search because it uses Facebook's data compiled over the years to answer your search queries. You can know what your friends, their friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances prefer, do or choose. If you are traveling in Florence and want to find somewhere to eat chicken, your search query can be 'chicken restaurants in Florence where Amanda's friends go' or 'the music band that Jeff listens to along with Ben'. Such queries and many more will now be answered by Facebook's Graph Search without violating users' privacy at all. Whether you call it a way to save the slightly trembled fish in the pond (Read FB) or an intelligent product to offer somet
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How are New Additions to Google Shopping Useful for Onl...

Google Shopping Features Google Shopping Features[/caption] While users will have a great time enjoying the new shopping experience that Google Shopping is making available to them this holiday season, online retailers should not turn a blind eye! It's time to take note now and start modifying their Google Shopping feeds to ensure that their target audience is not left in the lurch looking for them in the sea of products and merchants that are there. How can Online Stores benefit: 1) Product Reviews - Everybody has been trumpeting the importance of product reviews – easily the meatiest user generated content unit in Google's eyes – and now the same has been reinforced with new review feature in Google Shopping. If your store has not garnered product reviews till now, it's time you get them by either offering an incentive to users who are willing to write reviews for you. Be present on Google+ and get the traffic from there as well. And if you a Magento store, then you can even get a SEO Friendly
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More Reasons to Use Google Shopping During Holidays –...

After the transition to the paid model, Google Shopping is now ready with another set of changes and additional features to make holiday shopping even more convenient, easier and collaborative for online shoppers. What's New On Google Shopping? 1) Product Reviews searchable on Google+ - Users can read and search product reviews written by their friends or people part of their circle on Google+. Users can even write product reviews by using their Google+ accounts and clicking on 'write a review button'. Once the review has been submitted, they can even be posted on the Google+ stream. 2) 360 Degree Product Image Views – Users can view 3D images of the products if they are available on Google Shopping. 3) Google Shortlists – One of the most useful additions to Google Shopping. Users will now be able to create pin-board like shortlists of the products they want or are likely to buy later on. Plus they can even invite friends and family to view these shortlisted products and decide on holiday gifts together. 4) Displaying Discounts, Promotions & Offers – Apart from product reviews, Google Shopping products will now also be offering Discounts and promotion offers offered by the third party retailers. All these new features are aimed at making online holiday shopping much more convenient and rewarding for users than it already is. A lot of people rely on Google Shopping to m
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Is Google Really Empowering Smaller Websites?

“We’re living in Google’s world” said Mr. Katz, chief executive of Wize Commerce, owner of Nextag when he recently doubled the amount of spending by Nextag on Google paid search engine. The step followed the  decrease in traffic, from Google's search engine to Nextag, nearly by half in the last few months. This costly move was imperative for Nextag as an estimated 60 percent of Nextag's traffic comes from Google including free and paid search ads. When they talk about inquiries on Google, it sure makes people think, is Google doing something wrong? It may not! There are no allegations. But there are doubts that people have, they are confused about the algorithms used by Google (which is highly confidential) and when your money is involved you ought to raise eye brows to anything that affects your business! Google has attracted a lot of attention by officials after it has expanded to more than just search and search advertising. Its strong-growing expansion from more than just 'search' has given Google a competitive foothold in the industry, where there are more than 200 million businesses are striving to make it big every second. Google is huge, has funds, has resources and is a major resource in itself, but does that suffocate people (other businesses) at any level? The question is, “Is Google favoring its domains like Google Shopping, Google Plus Locals etc. over its competitors?" Google occupies majority of real estate on a search page with results from
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CueBlocks at the 2012 DevFestX, Gurgaon!

The GTUG (Google Technology User Group) Delhi is organizing the DevFestX, the X-tended version of the popular Google-inspired DevFest for developers from Feb 11th through Feb 12th 2012 at the Google office in Gurgaon, India and we’re going to be there! Want to know more? Visit: CueBlocks along with other industry specialists will be taking on the stage to decipher and deliberate Google’s amazing applications and game-changing technology. So we along with the folks from GTUG Noida, Marketado, Google, Mahindra Satyam, Hashtash Studios, Booz&Co., the Saltlist, will be enjoying some real development fun at the DevFestX. Is being there enough? Not for Aman Alam, our very own Android-struck developer who will be giving a talk on ‘Understanding OAuth and implementing ‘Sign-in with Twitter’ in your Android applications’. Way to go Aman, make all of us proud! Other speakers at the DevFestX are: Michael Van Ripper, Program Manager, Developer relations at Google, Rajdeep Dua, Lead Developer Advocate at Google India, Badrinath Kulkarni, Android Developer, Bangalore, Ashish Sharma, Principal, Booz&Co. DevFestX talks will be followed by what seems like an exciting hackathon se
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Google+ – The New Social Sphere

Rumor is – Google launches Google + (, the new social media platform which is said to be Google's answer to our very own Facebook. The new social network is at present being tested with a limited people but is expected to be out anytime. In less than 24-hours, Google+ has already exceeded its capacity for limited roll-outs. So what does Google has on the platter for us, read on to find out. Google+ is called a social project and there is a reason for it. With Google+, the search engine master has brought the concept of sharing to all its products. Google+ once open to everyone will be available right from the grey Google taskbar, which after its new addition will be wearing black. What else? Google+ also has a recommendation button, called '+1' ( which is already available for use. You can easily locate one right there, placed side to side with the historic ‘Like’ button. Google+ adorns a neat, white and spacey design with simple, self-explanatory icons spread neatly across the page, which is very much in tune with Google's minimalistic design approach for all its produc
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What ever you love, Just Google it!

Yeah you are right! The Big G launches its newest product (right before the hard-to-contain teasers of Google Plus) – WhatDoYouLove! What do you love? ( is also a search medium but with a totally new zing to it. Yes, now you do not have to browse through a number of search results to find (not your love but) what you love. 'What Do You Love' search engine allows you to just type in what you love in the search box and what you get is absolutely pleasing to eyes. 20 different widgets on a single page show you everything related to your search. The search results on the WDYL page include:
  • Google News
  • Translators
  • Maps
  • SketchUp
  • Patent Search
  • YouTube
  • Google Voice
  • Google Books etc.
The idea here is to allow a user to find everything he wants to know about his search on one single page. WDYL has all the results you want and the way you want Pictures, videos, maps, trends, calender entires and other important things can now be found on one destination and that is WDYL. Google WDYL is also being hailed as the dashboard consisting all Google products for all you want to know about your search. With this Google has tried to make search for some particula
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GeoChirp – A Twitter and Google Maps Mashup launched ...

GeoChirp, a new Twitter and Google Maps Mash up recently launched by Cue Blocks, is the latest innovation in the vast domain of social networking. All those tweeples out there who can’t stop tweeting Read More…

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