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Holy Grail eCommerce Conversion Optimization Checklist Holy Grail eCommerce Conversion Optimization Checklist

e-Commerce conversion optimization is as important for any e-Commerce store as being well equipped with the inventory. And when we got down to compiling all the important points so that we could share it with our industry people, it was some revelation and we are so happy sharing it with you.

The post is now available on SEOmoz. Our ‘Holy Grail of e-Commerce Conversion Optimization – 91 Point Checklist and Infographic’ is being appreciated a lot by the readers. The checklist is not just being re-tweeted but has been promoted to the main blog. 🙂

Free Download Link to the PDF can be received by signing up at: CueBlocks.com

The 91 Point Checklist about e-Commerce Conversion Optimization includes detailed dos and don’ts on knowing your customers, home page optimization, navigation optimization, product search optimization, product page optimization, checkout optimization, touch point optimization, information touch points, load speed optimization, shipping & returns and customer re-targeting.

The checklist is will be a great resource to increase your website’s conversion rate. We highly recommend reading and also implementation of all of these.

Enjoy reading everyone!

CueBlocks offers conversion rate optimization for eCommerce stores. If you would like to get an audit of your online store, get in touch with us at: https://www.cueblocks.com/contact.php#contact

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  1. Bernd says:

    This is great, I like visuallizations like that…