International Yoga Day @ CueBlocks

So this International Yoga day all of us at CueBlocks, for an hour, practiced some yoga asanas. And it was more than just lunging forward, raising, and stretching arms. We got to experience and learn about Yog Nidra, different breathing techniques, insights into different forms of meditation and practiced different asanas that are could get even a beginner/ non-yoga practitioner on to the mat.
Mr. Suneet Joshi and Dr. Aman Jain from Amshi, Chandigarh, were kind enough to spare time with our team and share first-hand knowledge of the phenomenon that Yoga is and its significance in real life. Here are some of the pictures from the session.
Mr. Suneet Joshi and Dr. Aman Jain from Amshi -  International Yoga Day Cueblocks - Yoga is fun Cueblocks - Yoga Stretches
We hope everyone finds their perfect state of equilibrium in all dimensions of being; physical, mental, and spiritual. Choose your path and follow it – on and off the mat 🙂

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