Living Diversity

If you’re an AIESEC member, this would have caught your attention instantly.

This post stems from the recent post made by Amit, working in the Equality and Diversity Department of Deutsche Post World Net (DPWN).

Living diversity is easier said than done. Our trained brain cells translate this term into ‘cultural diversity’ almost immediately and we view the complete conversation wearing these colored glasses.

This is the most common problem on the Web. A better part of the Web consists of websites that are unknowingly insensitive to diversity in their content as well as website accessibility.

We wrote interesting articles on Web accessibility and Living Diversity on the Web.

Creating a platform that is sensitive to diverse audience is not an easy task – but when you are providing a service, being able to deliver to your audience regardless of their culture, gender or any disability should be one of the end goals.

BTW, I answered the question correctly Amit – 🙂

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