Ranking Capacity Indicators

When we start with the SEO process, the first report we create is really a Ranking Capacity Score Card of a website.

The ranking capacity score card is an indicator of the website’s status in the ranking system of Search Engines. The report consists of a list of ranking capacity indicators with certain scores. The scores tell us how far ahead or behind a website is viz-a-viz its competitors and what kind of improvement is required in the scores so that the target audience can find it on Search Engines.

The score card not only lists the scores of the website, but also that of the competitors to find out the ranking capacity indicators for which they score well.

The ranking capacity indicators are responsible for the rankings in SERPs. By assessing the gap between the ranking capacity indicator scores, an online marketing plan for a website can be outlined effectively.

While the report is generally defined as a ranking capacity score card, it also acts as a record keeper. Because the ranking capacity score card is created at the begining of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plan, it helps in measuring the impact of the SEO plan when its recreated at the end of the SEO plan.

So if you’re about to launch the SEO plan for your website yourself or have hired a company to do that for you, have the ranking capacity score card created!

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