To growth and evolution!!!

Finally the buggers are outaa my house!! 🙂

Well people here is some great news from CueBlocks. Our headquarter has moved base to:

SCO 822, 2nd Floor
NAC, Manimajra.
Chandigarh – 160101

Needless to say the office is much swankier, cooler and has enough space for 30 people. This is a far cry from my bedroom which could accommodate a maximum of 5 people with half the space being occupied by our man Rahul.

Please see some pictures of our new office below:

Well a lot of gratitude and thanks is due to our Architects and friends Deepak Ghavri, Parul and Seema for making this possible for us.

We will keep you updated on how our office evolves. We have a few cool ideas of putting some aquariums and some neat blocks and white pictures on the walls. Any contributions to the interior decoration in Cash or kind are most welcome. 🙂

You would be most welcome to throw some cool out of the box ideas at us.


Sarthak Aggarwal
Chief of Construction and Maintenance 🙂
Cue Blocks Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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One Response to To growth and evolution!!!

  1. Aman says:

    Congrats to the team at cueblocks, as for Sarthak’s house, nothing comes close to the terrace for after work parties!!